Aug 8, 2021 2:30:00 PM

Engendering the Dialogue for Change at Orange County's Commission of Human Rights

Member Spotlight: Dr. Dorothy O'Neill

Orange County, CA - August 3 - An accomplished psychotherapistauthor, educator, and member of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, Dr. Dorothy O’Neill has proudly accepted an appointment as a Commissioner of Human Rights at the County of Orange by Supervisor Don Wagner. Predicated on years of working in public and private practice conducting discourse about injustice, Dr. O’Neill will bring both a broad lens and voice of conservatism to the County. 

In this role, Dr. O’Neill will work alongside her colleagues to review policy with human rights interests prior to it arriving at the Orange County Supervisors where it is then enacted into policy.

“In all human rights decisions, there must be a balance. One voice may lead a decision to an extreme on either side, so it is crucial to have someone on the commission who can provide a different lens,” explained Dr. O’Neill. “It doesn’t matter which way you lean, left or right, there must be a balance in that policy which can only be obtained with a diverse range of voices.

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At her private practice in Anaheim Hills, Dr. O’Neill earnestly serves her patients who struggle with disorders such as borderline personality disorder (BPD), depression, anxiety, PTSD, and relationship challenges to regain their joie de vivre and develop understanding in their lives.

Prior to establishing O’Neill Psychology, Dr. O’Neill ardently worked with the homeless and underserved on Skid Row as a clinician at the Los Angeles Christian Health Center. There, she heard many of the human rights issues that plagued the system. According to Dr. O’Neill, this experience deepened her understanding of homelessness a major issue in our country—which now directly translates into this new opportunity to voice constructive solutions at the county level.

“I’m excited to have been appointed to this role by Supervisor Wagner, and I fully take on the responsibility that it requires as I do my part for California,” said O’Neill.