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Lincoln Club of Orange County Sep 9, 2021 9:00:00 PM 3 min read

Our Next Impact Award Winner is... Hon. Kathy Tavoularis

Orange City Councilwoman Kathy Tavoularis Receives the Second Lincoln Club Impact Award


As the second honoree, Councilwoman Tavoularis ushers in new era of role models in civil service through her determined advocacy for the betterment of Orange County and beyond.

Orange County, CA - September 10 - "A true testament to a public servant's character is their willingness to stay firm on their values despite pressure from outside sources ultimately making a positive, long-lasting impact on their community."

The Lincoln Club of Orange County proudly presented our Impact Award to the Honorable Kathy Tavoularis, Councilwoman of City of Orange, at our September Board of Directors Meeting. This award is to recognize exemplary public servants who are devoted to community efforts benefitting Orange County families and beyond.

At the meeting, our club officially endorsed her 2022 campaign for Orange City Council.

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Councilwoman Tavoularis has been active in Orange County politics since 1993 and has been a long-time friend of the club. According to Lincoln Club of Orange County President Teresa Hernandez, "She has her finger on the pulse of local politics and will be a future leader for our county." 

Among the projects she has begun working on in her city since her appointment to the Third District in April of 2021, the revitalization of the mall that Councilwoman Tavoularis is helping implement in Orange will bring in countless jobs and commerce.


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Prior to serving on Orange City Council, Councilmember Tavoularis has served as the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Orange County and the 2008 & 2012 Republican National Conventions. She played an integral role in the last successful to win a statewide California race when she served as the statewide Field Director for California Victory 2006 which re-elected Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Poinzer to Insurance Commissioner.

In addition, Councilwoman Tavoularis has been working diligently to keep Orange County cities red by electing more Republican Councilmembers in our 34 cities and registering more Republican voters. She also has experience directing 60 employees and working with 48 GOP headquarters statewide, as well as managing a $13 million "Get Out the Vote" budget

Given her deep roots in our county as a warrior for conservatism and her role as a relentless advocate for the City of Orange, we are honored to choose Councilwoman Tavoularis as the second recipient of the Lincoln Club Impact Award.