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Lincoln Club of Orange County Sep 24, 2021 9:00:00 PM 2 min read

Leading Gen-Z on the Path to Financial Success

Member Spotlight: David Crouch II

Orange County, CA - September 25 - As Founder and President of TIC TOC, a financial literacy organization geared toward educating Generation Z on a path to fiscal success, David Crouch II is an up and coming member of the Orange County community. In addition, David is a young Conservative who is deeply motivated to make a difference in politics.

David’s impassioned journey began at age 13 when he found out he did not have a college fund. He recalled his father trading stock online one day and asked if he could try it out. One trial gift of $1,000 in a Custodial Account later, and 8th grader David cleverly traded his way to be able to afford college tuition wherever he wanted.




During high school, a few of David’s friends expressed a need to learn how to save money. This rapidly expanded to a group of 80 members he would teach during lunchtime. Though he originally saw himself going into corporate law, the success of his financial program across multiple campuses nationwide brought him to create TIC TOC (Today’s Investment Commitment Tomorrow’s Optimal Commodity).

Through TIC TOC, David envisions a generation where young adults feel empowered to understand the stock market, forex, cryptocurrency and more, and be able to make six figures out of high school without needing to go through the college system.




David believes that Wall Street should not hold such a vast portion of financial power and prowess. Seeing a potential for the Newport Beach region to be an up-and-coming financial hub, he envisions someday building a Southern California stock exchange.

When asked what his three best pieces of advice are for young Americans to gain fiscal literacy, David stated how crucial it is to open a Roth IRA, start learning how to trade with a diversified portfolio, and to get a financial license.


David Crouch II


"Financial literacy is imperative to be successful for Generation Z. The markets affect everything that trickles into one's daily life and if one doesn't understand that, they may be left behind. I want to see a world where all of my generation understands finances. Imagine the types of investments we would make and the technology to come from it." - David Crouch II