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Lincoln Club of Orange County May 12, 2021 9:00:00 PM 3 min read

Teresa Hernandez Pledges Vision For Conservative Comeback

Teresa Hernandez Pledges Vision For Conservative Comeback As Newly Appointed President Of The Lincoln Club of Orange County


In Post COVID California, Restaurateur Teresa Hernandez Will Hold Out of Touch Lawmakers Accountable, Starting with Newsom Recall

Orange County, CA - May 13 - Teresa Hernandez, restaurateur and small business owner, was named the next President of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, making her the first Hispanic woman to lead California's oldest and largest Conservative donor organization. 

Ms. Hernandez, who has served as Vice President since 2016, has been appointed as John Warner's successor. The announcement was accompanied by endorsements from local and national leaders: Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Governor Mike Huckabee, Ambassador Richard Grenell, CAGOP Chair Jessica Millan Patterson, Congresswoman Michelle Steel & Congresswoman Young Kim. 

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“I know what it feels like to close the doors of a lifelong business that you fought to grow. It's time we lead a Conservative Comeback to save California businesses, get our kids back to school and stand up for those who fight every day to keep our communities safe. It's time we hold out of touch career politicians accountable."

The appointment comes just months after Hernandez was forced to make the difficult decision to close her 34 year old restaurant due to the challenges of operating under the state's on-again off-again shutdown orders.

Hernandez shared, "I know what it feels like to close the doors of a lifelong business that you fought to grow. I never imagined the world of today. Newsom's one-man rule crippling family businesses, the nation's highest homelessness, K-12 ranked bottom of the pack, the threat of extreme wildfires and a push to abandon the brave men and women who keep our communities safe."

"Our time is now. We will not deploy a timid playbook to fight tomorrow's battles. We will hold lawmakers accountable who have been passing a destructive agenda and ruining the Golden State, and it starts with recalling Gavin Newsom. I'm ready to get to work and preserve the American way of life for all California families."  

Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich praised Teresa Hernandez as "a vibrant leader who is filled with energy." He said, "We can be confident that she will lead the Conservative comeback in California. Teresa has the courage to do what's right and the vision to lead."