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Lincoln Club of Orange County Sep 1, 2021 9:00:00 PM 4 min read

Recall Newsom, elect Elder to turn the tide in California

Recall Newsom, Elect Elder to turn the tide in California

Teresa Hernandez, President, Lincoln Club of Orange County

Orange County, CA - August 21 - What was once overlooked by many is now a firm reality; thousands of California families who were fed up with Gavin Newsom’s incompetence came out in support of a recall election. At its core, the recall is a bipartisan backlash motivated by Californians refusing to accept the status quo. Now it’s time to get our Golden state back on track, and that begins by electing Larry Elder in the special election on September 14.

Larry Elder came out of the gates with vivacity and immediately spoke to the heart of what motivates Californians seeking change. After working tirelessly to get the recall on the ballot, endorsing Larry Elder was a clear choice as a forward-thinking donor organization not beholden to politicians or special interests.

The knives are out for Larry because he is the clear recall frontrunner. We were waiting for a candidate who has what it takes to lead and win. Larry entered the race, he spoke to the issues that motivated this recall and is giving hope to millions of Californians.

Californians have had enough with the worsening homelessness crisis, high tax rates, failing schools, and a suffocated business environment. Our state boasts the fifth largest economy in the world and yet Newsom let businesses crumble while he ignored his own lockdowns, collected his full salary despite promising a reduction, and allowed his winery to benefit from over $900,000 in relief funding while small businesses across California only received a fraction.

I’ve dealt with this personally when I had to permanently close the doors of my family-owned business that I operated for over three decades because of Newsom’s gross mismanagement of COVID-19. Yet, I also know firsthand the beautiful things that our small business owners can accomplish when the system treats them fairly and with dignity: a key pillar of Larry’s campaign.

Californian parents are done with their children wasting years of their lives in low-performing schools made worse by an education system that puts the desires of the teachers unions before the education of the students. Larry plans to push back against these unions and demand that parents have the right to choose the best environment for their children’s education.

Public safety across our state has been jeopardized by Newsom who has watched a surge in crime with reckless ignorance. It comes as no shock that this was one of the top motivating factors for the recall. Larry has made it abundantly clear that he will not cave to the “Defund the Police” movement and will back our men and women in blue.

“There’s a clear reason why Larry became the frontrunner overnight: he will be a voice of reason in Sacramento. He’s not filled with empty platitudes. He is not a politician.” 

His common-sense strategies will breathe life back into our state.

He has unmatched enthusiasm and momentum. Voters and Newsom know change is coming. September 14th can’t come soon enough. VOTE YES on the RECALL and YES on LARRY ELDER.